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Best music notation software 2022

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  1. Professional music scoring software for desktop and iOS mobile devices.

  2. Sibelius is a virtual score creation tool which allows composers to easily create new piano scores, developed by Avid.

  3. Create, play back and print beautiful sheet music with free and easy to use music notation software MuseScore. For Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Music theory/helper apps? about about 1 month ago:

    I also recently downloaded MuseScore. While I'm not a sight reader, and haven't actually used musical notation in a long time, I think being able to write into staves & preview/export MIDI (or, import & edit MIDI) will be really helpful, and it seems to be used by the Musition courses.
  4. Noteflight is an amazing online notation editor.

    How do i write this repetition structure with volta brackets... about 10 months ago

    Unfortunatly, I am writing music for someone that isn't comfortable with codas. Therefore, I tried to use voltas only (example 2 and 3). In example 2, the music goes like in example 1 all the way to D. The D.S. Al coda is replaced with a repetition bracket at the end of D, bringing the music back to B while still in the same bracket sequence. Eventually, the music comes to E, where I wrote a closed volta bracket...
  5. PrintMusic is a music notation software from Finale for those people who are beginners and don’t want a high-end interface for music notation.

  6. Surely, composing and creating professional-grade sheet music has never been easier or more fun!With FORTE 10 music notation software, you can write sheet

  7. Compose music quick and easy like a maestro!

  8. Notation Pad is the Easiest way to write sheet music with notations on iOS/Android.

  9. Complete music notation and composition app for iPad.

  10. Write music naturally on your Windows Surface Tablet.

  11. With forScore, your sheet music has never been better—it’s everything you can do with paper, and so much more.

    Best way to view a pdf of sheet music on a phone/tablet? about 5 months ago

    ForScore is pretty well regarded. I use a free app called PiaScore that will show me two pages at once - my eyes suck though, so the tab is a bit small - might be okay for you though. I actually ended up buying a cheap Donner page turner that works pretty well with PiaScore and PDF Expert (which is my main pdf reader - but I don't think it lets me see two pages at once).
  12. Sheet Music Reader for Android

    Best tablet for sheet music? about about 1 year ago

    [forScore] is the leading app on iOS afaik. I'm on Android and use Orpheus App which do few things (compared to forScore probably) but do them well.