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23 Alternatives to Rabbit | Websites like TV 2020

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  1. Video chat around a shared remote (VNC-like) web browser.

  2. Watch together from anywhere and hang out with friends online


    can they? about 10 months ago

    Im confused because I know that a school district can see the students search history but can they see it if you are using a private browser like invited? is a site that gives you a new browser thingy and it doesnt go to the history but can the school district still see it? cuz I was searching up stuff I dont want the school to see.
  3. Digital Hangouts Reinvented


    How can I stream PC games to a local TV for my wife to watch... about 27 days ago:

    True. I guess I was thinking that if maybe they were in the same room. And you could use the audio from the TV. People mentioned discord, but I feel like you could use the TV browser and just use
  4. Watch2Gether is an app that allows multiple people to watch the same content simultaneously and interact with each other while watching.

    Watch anything and everything with your friends and family,... about 12 months ago

    How is this different than ?
  5. Watch streaming media with friends

    Just a Quick Suggestion/Answer to a question asked in #217 about 17 days ago:

    Metastream (The Highest Rated on the list of Alternatives).
  6. to watch videos with other people online

  7. Rave is a free iOS and Android app where you can watch Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Prime Video and more while chatting with friends in perfect sync. It's the ultimate virtual movie theatre!

    is there a way to watch movies together in a ldr? about about 1 month ago

    Rave is the best app for that.
  8. Netflix Party is an extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends and family for movies nights with that long-distance special someone.

  9. Watch YouTube, synced with friends.

  10. Streams games locally or over the internet

    Does anybody know how to stream games to Retroid? about 1 day ago

    Parsec claims to have a MacOS hosting app. I have personally used Parsec with my Windows PC and it works well. I generally use it more remote desktop purposes, but it does work well for streaming games. I find that using a keyboard/mouse works better with Parsec than Moonlight, but overall the streaming image quality is better with Moonlight.
  11. Watch synchronized videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo with your friends up to 20.

  12. S


    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  13. Hang out with group video, share music & videos

  14. TTV

    Together TV

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  15. Syncplay is a different kind of entertainment platform.

    How to watch online together? about 8 days ago

    Https:// if you both have the file.
  16. Kast is a social sharing platform where users can stream content from their computer to the people...

    Browser which hopefully won't be affected by manifest v3 and... about 4 months ago:

    You can always use StreamParty, Rave or Kast which do the same as Teleparty without the needs for addons.
  17. Explorii - Watch Together.

  18. Web application that enables people to watch the same thing at the same time across the globe while...

    Watch2gether issue about 4 months ago

    Huh? So you're saying I should use an app external chat app and synchronize manually?? Then what's the use of the feature? I already use an external app to chat and use to watch synchronized stuff.
  19. Watch movies and YouTube in sync while you talk.

  20. SL

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  21. A

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  22. TogetherJS is a platform designed by the Mozilla Labs with the feature of real-time collaboration for websites and even applications in addition to watching movies and videos together.

    Liveblocks: Add real‑time collaboration to your product in... about over 1 year ago:

    Hi, thanks for posting! :) It reminds me of which I guess you looked at? What were the shortfalls/differences that you found you had to address? Is your product React-only?
  23. Watch TV Shows, Movies or Anime Online with your Friends. Have Long-Distance Watch Parties in a Virtual Browser.

    Animated Avatars being removed from Nitro Basic on Dec 12, 2022 about 3 months ago

    Well in my case they've lost a customer. I only got classic specifically for the animated avatar and the emojis lol. The rest of the features on nitro don't appeal to me considering there's better alternatives. If I'm doing large file uploads I'd rather use a dedicated site. If I'm doing group streaming I'd rather use since that has a shared browser people can use. The nitro badge isn't a selling...
  24. A better way to watch together online

    freemium $4.99 / Monthly

    HYPERBEAM TOOL about 8 days ago

    About Tool: Embed Virtual Computers in your web app Open any third-party website or application, synchronize audio and video flawlessly among multiple participants, and add multi-user control with just a few lines of code. Source code: Https:// Tool link: Https://