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10 best SSH Clients for Windows: free alternatives to PuTTY

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  1. Popular free terminal application. Mostly used as an SSH client.

  2. The SuperPuTTY Window Manager for putty sessions. Contribute to superputty development by creating an account on GitHub.

  3. PuTTY Tray is an improved version of PuTTY.

  4. KiTTY is a fork from version 0.70 of PuTTY. It adds extra features to PuTTY.

  5. MobaXterm is a software that uses a set of optimized network tools included in a single exe file. MobaXterm integrates several network clients with an X server, and also integrates a full set of Unix based commands. Read more about MobaXterm.

    How to upgrade Ubuntu with only one command about about 1 month ago

    First, we can connect to our server, we do this using an SSH client (I use MobaXterm).
  6. SmarTTY is a neat multi-tabbed SSH client with built-in SSH support.

  7. Manage remote sessions in a professional way. Connect to any server or device in your network with Solar-PuTTY for Windows from SolarWinds. Experience Solar-PuTTY. Get your free Solar-PuTTY download now!

  8. mRemoteNG is a fork of mRemote, an open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager.

    Best web interface tool ? about 3 days ago:

    Your post is a bit unclear, but if you mean that you want to have a list of servers that you can save and easily connect to them from, you might want to have a look at RDCman, It's a program by the Windows sysinternals team at Microsoft that is used to connect to remote computers over RDP and it's very handy. I think t RDCman only supports windows...
  9. It's a screen ruler for Windows.

    Dbcritic: Constructively criticizing your Postgres schema... about 3 months ago

    There is also DBLint (, which has a fairly comprehensive set of checks.
  10. After 13 years and 25 million downloads later, Firefox has officially removed FireFTP and FireSSH support from the browser. Thus, I've ended support / development of the addons. I recommend switching to Waterfox to continue using the addons.