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MoviePass AMC Stubs A-List Sinemia
  1. NOTE: MoviePass has been discontinued.
    MoviePass gives you access to new movies in theaters nationwide for a low monthly fee.
    That swiftly changed around mid-2018, where MoviePass had to restructure its service after coming close to bankruptcy. Shortly after the controversy that surrounded the Rotten Tomatoes score of their John Travolta starring gangster movie Gotti, MoviePass announced in July 2018 they were capping the number of movies subscribers could see to 3 a month, in addition to changing other perks. The company also required an emergency loan after it ran out of cash during this period. Some users who had gotten used to their diet of unlimited movies decided to cancel their subscription with the company and seek out MoviePass alternatives.

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  2. See up to 3 movies every week in Dolby Cinema®, IMAX®, RealD® 3D, digital and more for just $19.95/month (+tax).
    • $19.95 / Monthly
    Service: There was no love lost between AMC and MoviePass, with the two publicly clashing on a number of occasions. After launching their own subscription service AMC Stub A-List in 2018, the movie chain has experienced a surge in new customers. AMC Stubs A-List allows users to see 3 movies per week in any format they choose, in addition to offering discounts on concessions, express service at the box-office, no online booking fees and no blackouts on select movies.

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  3. NOTE: Sinemia has been discontinued.
    Sinemia Premium is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to 2D-3D movie tickets for one low monthly fee.
    • $3.99 / Monthly (1 ticket)
    Service: Launched in 2014, Sinemia has a number of flexible price plans depending on the needs of the user. Sinemia offers plans for between 1 to 3 movie tickets for a monthly fee, with more expensive options like Elite giving access to 3D or IMAX screenings too. The company has also added a rollover feature, allowing unused tickets to roll on to the next month. Users signing up for monthly plans have to pay an initiation fee of $19.99, which can be avoided if they pay for a year upfront.

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