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Can you recommend a tech stack for a cross-platform music-pedagogy application?

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. JS library for creating graphic and interactive experiences

    We are by no means dead-set on Essentia and C++. I have also investigated going the web app route and tested this out by making a basic cordova-browser app using this MIR library and p5.js to make a simple animated spectrum analyzer/pitch tracker.
  2. JUCE is a wide-ranging C++ class library for building rich cross-platform applications and plugins...

    Juce - As someone interested in VST plugin development I've used this before, but I've never tested its cross-platform features. It seems to be the industry standard for audio apps and includes a lot of powerful audio processing. However, if we have an MIR library that is well featured, we don't actually need a lot of that processing except for the basic I/O (for instance, Essentia already has a good FFT...