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Show HN: Sioyek – PDF viewer for reading research papers and technical documents

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. MuPDF is a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer.

  2. Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X.

    I would like to plug the open source macOS PDF reading/annotations application Skim. It is the most proficient scientific document viewer I have ever used. Here is a link to it, I have no affiliations to the application:
  3. Okular is a universal document viewer based developed by KDE.

    Yes, exactly, visual things drawn on top of the PDF. I mean things like Okular has: highlighting text (like with a yellow highlighter on paper books), freeform draw tool (like scribbling with a pen), adding short text comments and longer notes, etc. To illustrate, the annotations in an old Okular version looked like this: (the yellow note box, the...