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I tested all intelligent IDEs (2019 edition)

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  1. Visual Studio IntelliCode is an experimental set of AI-assisted development capabilities for next-generation developer productivity.

    AI Assistance for Software Developer Productivity – The Good,... about 7 months ago:

    Microsoft have been experimenting with adding AI assistance to software development since the release of Visual Studio IntelliCode in 2018. This Visual Studio extension aims to improve the developer experience by providing more “common sense” suggestions for the code being written. Some examples are, suggesting changes to ensure a consistent code style and changing the order of suggested methods and properties...
  2. Kite helps you write code faster by bringing the web's programming knowledge into your editor.

  3. Build better software, faster using AI (available for Java)

  4. TabNine is the all-language autocompleter. We use deep learning to help you write code faster.

    The Complete API Security Checklist about 8 days ago

    As applications grow in value to the end user so do they grow in complexity. Developers are pressured to increase productivity. Startups like Tabnine and Raycast have had impressive funding rounds recently, indicating how important developer productivity has become. With this pressure to perform, developers don't have the time to test each API connection for vulnerabilities or perform periodical penetration...
  5. The ultimate PHP Snippet bot

  6. A


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  7. Code search that keeps you coding

  8. ECR

    Eclipse Code Recommender

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  9. CC


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  10. A

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