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3 Free and Open Source Alternatives to Quicken

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  1. Stay in control of your monthly cash flows, budgets, and expenditures. Quicken provides a navigable interface where you can organize your debit, credit, and savings, and build good habits accordingly.

    My QDF is corrupted. about 4 months ago

    1 In Quicken, go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > Quicken ID and Cloud Accounts > Sign in as a different user. Enter "YES" to sign out...then sign back in again using the same Quicken ID and password as you used before to download Quicken (your log in info).
  2. The ERP Software that helps you take full control of your business. ERPNext is both powerful and easy to use.

    A new software company seeking an automated management solution about about 7 hours ago

    I'm a huge fan of ERPNext. 100% open source (i.e.: no paywall-locked features), aggressive development schedule, large consultant community, fully featured, easy to customize with and without coding, etc. (I have no skin in the game, I just use it for my side projects.).
  3. FrontAccounting is a simple, but powerful, system for the entire ERP chain and covers:

  4. A personal and small-business financial-accounting software, licensed under GNU/GPL and available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, and Solaris.


    Journal entries for excess condo fee balance to be used to... about 7 days ago

    As a further aside, I also wanted to point out that I'm using GnuCash, not QuickBooks, to do the bookkeeping for my condo association. I chose GnuCash because it is free and mature accounting software. However, only after I started using it did I learn that you should use its Accounts Receivable accounts only if you are a business that intends to create and issue invoices to customers. Otherwise, you need to...