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5 Best Apps That Make Journaling Super Convenient In 2022

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  1. A simple journal application for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. AboutTo learn more about Day One, see these two excellent reviews . PublishPublish is not available in Day One 2.

    Suggestions for journalling app or program about about 1 month ago

    Day One Journal Day One has all of these. It does need a subscription for advanced features and syncing.
  2. The best journal app for Windows, Android, iOS & macOS

  3. Keep all of your thoughts in one place using Penzu. The app is similar to a journal that you might write in but with a few modern touches that allow you to do everything from sending messages to decorating the pages.

    How to Leave an Abusive Relationship about 4 months ago

    - Penzu is an online journal site that can only be accessed with the proper password. Keep a record of abuse on Penzu, and wipe all mention of the site from your browser history.
  4. Momento is a unique diary/journal writing app for iPhone & iPod touch, which provides a quick...

    How do I heal my “deep shame” part ? about 2 months ago:

    Also, something that helped me was parts mapping, because when you get hyper-focused on one part sometimes you can miss how it and other parts interact. It's important to remember parts aren't only active at their most extreme. Sometimes adding in extra dimensions can help flesh out these parts. In the same way writing a fact based bio of a character doesn't give you the full scope of their personality. This video...
  5. The simplest way to get started with keeping a diary