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Do not use AWS CloudFormation

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  1. AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a...

    Leveraging CodePipeline to deploy Terraform about 5 days ago

    CloudFormation Template (CFT) to deploy a CodePipeline, CodeBuild Projects, and an S3 Bucket for state and artifact handling.
  2. Tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently.

    Launching a VPC with Public subnet and Private subnet in AWS... about about 1 month ago

    For this blog post we will use Terraform because it has several advantages over other IaC tool the major reason being that it is cloud agnostic which means it can be used to manage infrastructure on various cloud and on-premises platforms. This makes it easy for organizations to use a single tool to manage their infrastructure across different environments, and avoid vendor lock-in. You can read more about...
  3. Google Cloud provides flexible infrastructure, end-to-security, modern productivity, and intelligent insights engineered to help your business thrive.

    Automating Content Creation with Python: A Guide to Building... about 1 day ago:

    Youtube API/ Google Cloud - The YouTube API is a specific API that allows developers to interact with YouTube. Google Cloud refers to the broader suite of cloud computing services offered by Google. The bot is using the YouTube API to upload the final video compilation to YouTube. One must set up a Google Cloud project to use the Youtube API.