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11 Headless CMS to Consider for Modern Application

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  1. Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core.

  2. Free and Open-Source Headless CMS

    Choosing a good hosting provider for freelance clients about 3 days ago:

    My sites are "built" offline and deployed 100% static. Astro is my current favorite for this. Nuxt3 is another that I like to use. When I need a CMS, I like Directus - I have my own self-hosted instance on DigitalOcean.
  3. You don't need another CMS. You need a better way to manage content — unified, structured, and ready to deploy to any digital channel.

    How to Style Markdown in Next.JS Using React-Markdown and SASS about 5 months ago

    If you have a blog or website with articles or long text documents, markdown is your friend. It makes authoring documents so much easier and more intuitive than straight HTML. Markdown has a far smaller learning curve than HTML and can easily be taught to non-tech-savvy writers. Markdown editors are also built-in to headless CMSs like Contentful.
  4. API-first CMS + blog platform built for developers & marketers.

    freemium $50.0 / Monthly

    Good blog, marketing and product headless CMS for rails? about 11 days ago

    We use Butter CMS (, and it’s an absolute delight. Blog authors and editors interact with Butter, and we integrate the content straight into our controller and views with a very tiny caching layer applied to their client library. Have done a few other approaches in the past, including roll-our-own and running Wordpress inside the same Apache container as the rails app. The Butter approach is...
  5. Headless CMS with the best editing tools

    Getting the latest content from about 5 months ago

    The delivery API enables us to retrieve content from the CMS easily. For content that updates regularly, via the management API or frequent content updates it also provides a way to ensure that the content being retrieved is not stale. It's an easy feature to use so long as you know how and when to use it.
  6. is a web software you can use to manage content in any kind of website or app. API-driven.

    A good cms for next.js and vercel? about 5 days ago

    Check out It’s cloud hosted vs self hosted which is great for some use cases.
  7. an OpenSource Headless CMS, a CMS with an API about 5 months ago:

    Squidex - Offers free tier for small projects. API / GraphQL first. Open source, and based on event sourcing (versing every changes automatically).
  8. Strapi is the most advanced Node.

    Recommendations for best CMS? 🙏 about 10 days ago

    You can easily keep blog posts in markdown which are VERY easy to render in React, but when it comes to CMS I can recommend which is open source and free if you host it on your own serwer There is also which has free tier :).
  9. Scrivito is the single front-end for all your websites and apps, no matter where in the world you and your diverse stakeholders are.

    freemium €1999.0 / Monthly (Business Plan)

  10. Build, deploy and host your static site or app with a drag and drop interface and automatic delpoys from GitHub or Bitbucket

    What is the best way to share websites I work on with non-web... about 7 days ago:

    Deploy on sites like Netlify( or Vercel( Deploying and hosting will be abslolutely free.
  11. Appernetic is a web service for managing and generating static content for GitHub Pages.