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7 Best Apps To Rent A Boat Near Me (Android & iOS)

  1. Book boat rentals, charters, tours, and lessons in 171 countries around the world.
    GetMyBoat: Boat Rentals & More is an app that enables you to search for boats available nearby and book it right from your phone. Frankly speaking, it is an app version of the GetMyBoat website.

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  2. Rent a boat, with or without a captain. Powerboats and sailboats, anywhere in the country.
    To sum it up, if you want an app that will help you to manage the upcoming boat trip, Boatsetter is a perfect option for you. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

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  3. Find and rent boats around the world ⛵ 🌊
    Enaviga is a full-on boat managing app that will help you to rent a yacht and get you through the whole process. To begin with, along with other similar apps, this one uses your location to offer you the closest boat options available. After that, you’ll be able to look through all the options and decide which one is the most suitable for you.

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    Airbnb for boats
    The name of this app speaks for itself. Sailo – Boat Rentals Worldwide is an app that will be your personal boat trip manager around the world. In other words, no matter where you are, if there’re any boat trips available you’ll know about it.

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  5. Charter a yacht with the tap of a button
    YachtLife | Yacht Charter is an app that enables you to rent about in the most popular places for it. Let’s start by considering the main purpose of this app.

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    Marina Management
    Let’s start by considering how this app works. To begin with, Dockwa enables you to rent a boat trip and pay for it right from the app. What is more, if you’re renting a private yacht the app also enables you to book a mooring or a docking place to stay for the night. That way, everything can be done quickly with no need to fill in countless forms.

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    Snag A Slip

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    To sum it up, if you want an app to remotely book a yacht or a dock for it, the Snag A Slip will cover all your needs. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

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