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Best Spotify alternatives for streaming music in 2019

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  1. Map shows when two people play same song at same time

  2. Apple Music app combines your personal iTunes library with Apple's music subscription service. Music you have purchased from the iTunes store, or synced over from other sources, is available in the "Library" tab. Read more about Apple Music.

  3. YouTube Music is a streaming app primarily designed for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app lets individuals search for music from their favorite artists, enjoy playlists, and access 30 million musical tracks.

    I cant add songs saved on my phone to playlists about about 15 hours ago

    You're not stupid I've had the same problem in the past. It's
  4. Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening.

  5. Pandora Radio is a free (ad-supported) internet radio founded in 2000.

    Lack of variety in shuffle playlist? about 7 days ago

    Just letting you know you're not alone. I listen on my PC, thru, so it's affecting everyone, not just those who listen on mobile. I went to the pandora community, and there is a thread in there, with a bunch of people complaining about it. I logged out and back in, and that fixed it for a few hours, but then it started up again. Sorry I don't have any solutions, just commiserating - it definitely sucks.
  6. As a Prime member, you can stream over 2 million songs ad-free, listen on any Echo device, and take your music anywhere with offline listening.

  7. Tidal is a streaming music service supported by some of the most influential artists working in the industry.

    Is there somewhere I can download Sound & Fury? about 17 days ago

    Tidal offers high quality downloads-see They have a 30 day free trail.
  8. Enjoy music & follow favourite artists

    My 5 steps to create side project landing pages about 8 days ago:

    Add some music to the background. I like to use SoundCloud and download Creative Common music from there. You can find a lot of Royalty free songs to use.
  9. PM

    Pandora Music

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet