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Prettier, ESLint and Typescript

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  1. An opinionated code formatter

    The first tool I want to explore is Prettier. I would leave it to you to read more about what it is but, in short, it is a code formatter. What does it mean? It means that it will keep your codebase consistent (in terms of coding style). Do you use ;? If yes, it will ensure that all your files have it, for example. I like it for two reasons: we barely have to discuss code formatting and it is easy to onboard new...
  2. The fully pluggable JavaScript code quality tool

    ESLint has been around for a while. In short, it does a bit more than Prettier as it analyzes your code to find problems (or patterns that you don't want, like variables that are not used should be removed). Again, I invite you to read ESLint documentation if you want to go deeper into the topic. I like ESLint for the simple reason it helps me to find problems and configure some patterns in the project (it might...