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How to Use GitBook for Technical Documentation

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  1. Modern Publishing, Simply taking your books from ideas to finished, polished books.

    GitBook is a collaborative documentation tool that allows anyone to document anything—such as products and APIs—and share knowledge through a user-friendly online platform. According to GitBook, “GitBook is a flexible platform for all kinds of content and collaboration.” It provides a single unified workspace for different users to create, manage and share content without using multiple tools. For example:.
  2. A magical documentation site generator.

    Given that digital documentation solutions have been around since the dawn of the digital age, it is entirely fair to ask, “why does the world need another documentation tool?”—or in other words, “why should anyone use GitBook?” Of course, other good solutions can be utilized to build user and developer documentation, such as ReadTheDocs, MKDocs, and Docsify. These popular tools share some features with GitBook,...