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Best Headless CMS for 2020

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  1. Agility CMS is a cloud-based content management system for building and managing responsive websites and apps.

    CMS as an app backend about 12 months ago:

    The second CAN handle larger sites but tends to be built for developers. If you have any new, or non-techy people who need to publish web pages, write blogs, or produce any marketing materials, it gets really difficult.
  2. Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core.

  3. Get people to your products faster. Personalize your customer experience. Increase your revenue.

  4. API-first CMS + blog platform built for developers & marketers.

    freemium $50.0 / Monthly

    Headless CMS API calls cost comparison about 5 months ago:

    Link: ButterCMS Website ButterCMS does not provide information about available API calls limits.
  5. You don't need another CMS. You need a better way to manage content — unified, structured, and ready to deploy to any digital channel.

    How to Style Markdown in Next.JS Using React-Markdown and SASS about 29 days ago

    If you have a blog or website with articles or long text documents, markdown is your friend. It makes authoring documents so much easier and more intuitive than straight HTML. Markdown has a far smaller learning curve than HTML and can easily be taught to non-tech-savvy writers. Markdown editors are also built-in to headless CMSs like Contentful.
  6. Cosmic JS is an API-first Headless CMS for building content-powered apps in any programming language.


    How I’m Using Cosmic to Optimize My Website about 4 months ago:

    It's no doubt that a company with a good connection to their users does better. This is especially true for a company offering a software based product. Upon exploring the Cosmic website, I quickly found a link to join the Cosmic Slack channel. I noticed that the community was smaller, though upon entering I could see that if anyone had questions, the companies CEO or someone from the development team would be...
  7. Connect DatoCMS to your favorite site generator, build the perfect backend and deploy anywhere you like.

    incentivizing plastics picker ecomony about 9 months ago

    Website publishing via management via and vercel/netlify/github.
  8. F


    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  9. is a headless CMS for Firebase.


    The best CMS on Firebase hosting. about 12 months ago:

    You also have
  10. A simple CMS for Jekyll and Hugo sites.

    How would you build a website for someone who would like to... about 28 days ago

    I've done this before using, though I'm sure there's other similar solutions.
  11. The GraphQL Headless CMS about about 1 month ago:

    GraphCMS - Offers free tier for small projects. GraphQL first API. Move away from legacy solutions to the GraphQL native Headless CMS - and deliver omnichannel content API first.
  12. Headless CMS with the best editing tools

    Getting the latest content from about about 1 month ago

    The delivery API enables us to retrieve content from the CMS easily. For content that updates regularly, via the management API or frequent content updates it also provides a way to ensure that the content being retrieved is not stale. It's an easy feature to use so long as you know how and when to use it.
  13. An open-source CMS for your Git workflow

    The Best 10+ Open Source Headless CMS 2022 about 4 months ago:

    You may give editors a friendly UI and simple workflows with the help of the open source content management system Netlify CMS for your Git workflow. It may be used with any static site generator to produce web projects that are quicker and more adaptable. Besides, it also helps in multi-channel publishing and handling content updates inside Git. It is designed as a one-page React application; thus, you can create...
  14. is a web software you can use to manage content in any kind of website or app. API-driven.

    Building an Event App with Astro & Prismic about about 2 months ago:

    Prismic is a CMS backend for websites and apps that’s designed to increase developer productivity and includes a visual builder for creating posts and pages. Prismic is specifically a headless, API-based, hosted, proprietary CMS for technical independence that allows developers to use their preferred framework & programming language.
  15. a platform for structured content that comes with an open-source editor that you can customize with React.js.


    The world outside of WordPress about 8 days ago:

    It's big and overwhelming and sometimes scary. But you know what? It's also fun, engaging, and very refreshing. Because I'm a DevRel, I don't have many chances to focus on something particular. Still, I'm having a lot of fun exploring different CMSs (like Statamic, Craft, or Sanity), new approaches (at last, I understood why the headless approach is so important), and diving into tech I never used before (hello...
  16. S


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  17. API-based content management system for multi-device online publishing

    freemium $14.0 / Monthly (2 Users, Basic Plan)

    Best CMS for frontend dev about 3 months ago:

    Amazed that nobody has mentioned StoryBlok yet.
  18. Strapi is the most advanced Node.

    homepage about 1 day ago

    { "description":"This website is powered by a static Next.js frontend, withStrapi as a backend.\n", "poweredBy":{ "Url":"", "Logo":"", "Alt":"Strapi", }, "links":[ { "id":1, "DisplayText":"Projects", "URL":"/strapi/projects", "TitleAda":"View all projects used in this frontend.", "Description":"View all headless CMS platforms that...
  19. TakeShape is Headless GraphQL CMS and Static Site Generator

    The Jamstack Identity Crisis: an Even-Handed Overview about over 1 year ago

    We'd love to hear your thoughts on those four questions too! Make sure to tag us on Twitter at @TakeShapeIO and @jadenguitarman with your thoughts and check out our site at to learn more about our plans.
  20. The Enterprise CMS platform that you can host on your cloud


    Struggling to find the right CMS choice for an ecommerce project about 5 months ago

    Even Strapi needs to be hosted somewhere, and that usually involves a recurring fee. I've had great success over the past 2 years building blogs using, and because they get low traffic, I've only ever had 1 bill from AWS that was around 80 cents US.
  21. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.


    What plan is needed for ad network plugins? about 4 days ago:

    You're talking about - this place is for questions.