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  1. Splunk's operational intelligence platform helps unearth intelligent insights from machine data.

    Where exactly can I start to learn? about 3 months ago

    With your username, you can login to Splunk trainings portals as well .. There are lots of free trainings available. Enroll yourself, complete them, you will gain more confidence.
  2. SolarWinds Log Analyzer tool provides comprehensive log management and analysis with out-of-the-box visibility into performance and availability. Free trial!

  3. EventLog Analyzer is an IT compliance and log management software for SIEM.

    freemium $595.0 / Annually (10 - 10,000 log sources)

  4. Troubleshooting just got easier.


    My Year in Review: Hey there! about 9 months ago

    I got the contract technical role with Sematext four months ago to create glossaries about various DevOps and cloud terminologies. It is a pretty exciting project because, besides writing, the team and I also work on the information architecture and showcase helpful product demos to help everyone get started.
  5. Cloud log management system.

    A Step by Step Guide to Logging in ASP.NET Core 5 about about 2 years ago:

    Which provide many additional logging features such as structured or semantic logging. Some providers also provide the feature to persists logs to relational databases e.g. SQL Server or even persisting to a real-time cloud-based logs aggregation, monitoring, and analysis service such as LogDNA.
  6. Graylog is an open source log management platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

    Join us June 24 at 11:00 AM EDT: "All Things Configured”... about over 1 year ago

    Join our new Graylog Community Discord channel for our new chat/call-in show, “All Things Configured”. Our founder, Lennart Koopman, will host the show with Jeff Darrington, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, as his guest. Jeff’s well-known to many of you as the star of our Graylog How-To series of videos and blog posts on Get a jump on the event, which will be live on Friday, June 24 at 11:00 AM EDT.
  7. Log Management & Analytics Made Easy

    Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) about about 2 years ago: — Free up to 5 GB/month with 7 days retention.
  8. provides log analysis software with alerts, role-based access, unlimited scalability and free ELK apps. Index, search & visualize your log data!

    What strategy to go with in order to save data logs in DB... about 5 months ago

    You better use a logs tool like or something, Don't re-invent the wheel.
  9. Sumo Logic is a secure, purpose-built cloud-based machine data analytics service that leverages big data for real-time IT insights

    Roadmap for July about over 2 years ago:

    He's coming with years of experience of having architected systems at Uber, Flock, Sumo Logic and was a founding engineer who helped design the cryptography primitives at Zeta. Someone of his caliber coming onboard means that we'll be able to ship nicer things faster. 🎉.
  10. Frustration-free log management. Get started in seconds.

    What's a software you searched to selfhost but is still... about 6 months ago:

    I'd love a alternative that doesn't require a metric ass ton of knowledge and experience to set up. And, yes, that is a shot at every open-source, self-hosted graphical syslog tool currently available.
  11. Analyze Your Amazon S3 & CloudFront Logs.

  12. NXLog offers log management solutions for companies of all sizes.

  13. McAfee delivers industry leading Internet and Cyber security solutions for Business and Enterprise.

  14. Cloud logging for your apps, not only crashes matter

    Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) about about 2 years ago: — Free up to 100k log lines/day with 24 hours retention.
  15. Unified Network Monitoring Tool, Application Monitoring, Log Management, Asset Management, Service desk, Help desk & IT Service Management. Get free trial.

  16. Complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services

  17. Predict & Prevent problems in the digital business.

  18. BLËSK is a suite of applications for network monitoring and management.

  19. Alert Logic lets you collect, aggregate, and search event log files from cloud, server, application, security, container, and network assets across your environments and cloud.

  20. WhatsUp Gold 2018 has a whole host of user-driven improvements that let you proactively monitor...

  21. The world's most popular cloud log management service delivers application intelligence. No Software. No Downloads. No Sweat. Free Trial!

    “Print” Is the Only Debug Tool You Need about over 1 year ago

    Print works on Staging and Production: It’s not easy to work with debug tools when you’re dealing with code running on the server. On the other hand, print statements work there too. Even if you don’t have access to STDOUT, you can write statements to a file or send them to a logging server/service (e.g, Loggly).