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When to use Aerospike vs Redis | Aerospike

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  1. Redis is an open source in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability.


    How to choose the right API Gateway about 12 days ago:

    Next, review deployment complexity such as DB-less versus database-backed deployments. For example, Kong does require running Cassandra or Postgres. Apigee requires Cassandra, Zookeeper, and Postgres to run, while other solutions like Express Gateway and Tyk only require Redis. Apache APISIX uses etcd as its data store, it stores and manages routing-related and plugin-related configurations in etcd in the Data...
  2. Aerospike is a high-performing NoSQL database supporting high transaction volumes with low latency.

    Block and Filesystem side-by-side with K8s and Aerospike about 4 days ago

    Block storage stores a sequence of bytes in a fixed size block (page) on a storage device. Each block has a unique hash that references the address location of the specified block. Unlike a filesystem, block storage doesn't have the associated metadata such as format-type, owner, date, etc. Also, block storage doesn’t use the conventional storage paths to access data like a filesystem file. This reduction in...