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InterestExplorer vs AdTargeting: The Best Facebook Interest Tool

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  1. Discover 1000's of hidden Facebook interests to target.

    Have you tried, are the hidden interests... about about 1 month ago

    What got me wondering about this is that I found YouTube videos claiming that hidden interests that you can't find on the main Facebook search in detailed targeting. Also in the promotional video of "" they mention this and they say that you have an advantage compared to other marketers who use the usual interests.
  2. AdTargeting - #1 Free Facebook Interest targeting tool. It enables you to discover hidden or niche interests, and max the ROI of Facebook ad targeting, with millions of daily updates on keyword search and trend database.

    Facebook Ads is now shit. about about 1 year ago

    From my experience, the effectiveness of Facebook ads is declining, I try to explore new advertising platforms to explore my cheap audiences. Google Ads/Tiktok ads are really good choices. I found an ad audience targeting tool that helped find low-competition interests that could help improve ad ROI. The name is AdTargeting. Hope my experience can help you.