1. Rich contact profiles inside Gmail

  2. Lead411 provides company intel, contact email address, direct phone numbers and a sales cadence tool.

  3. Get +50 email combinations and validate them with Rapportive

  4. Web site data extraction tool βš’οΈ

  5. Clari is a predictive analytics platform for sales people.

  6. Sales tool for LinkedIn users.

  7. Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that converts website visitors to sales leads. Powered by Google Analytics.

  8. Infer’s lead scoring and advanced predictive analytics integrates with your existing marketing automation tools to build personalized predictive models to identify your best sales and marketing leads.

  9. Import. io helps its users find the internet data they need, organize and store it, and transform it into a format that provides them with the context they need.

  10. Interseller helps find contact information, reach out to them with email automation and syncs it all into your database.

  11. Build your email list by getting quality email addresses from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin & Amazon.

  12. Vytmn is a full service marketing platform for SMBs powered by marketing intelligence and automation.