1. Turn your about.me page into a simple and elegant email signature.

  2. Free to use HTML email signature generator. Customise your email signature by adding your logo, brand colours, contact details and even a selfie!

  3. Create, manage and deploy beautiful customized HTML signatures in any email client.

  4. Quicktext is an extension for Thunderbird that lets you create templates that can be easily inserted into your own emails.

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  6. Signature Maker helps you create digital signature online. Signature creator is a simple, fast and free tool for making custom electronic/email/font signature.

  7. ZippySig is an HTML Email Signature Generator with many advanced features.

  8. Branded email signature with online scheduling

  9. CodeTwo Email Signatures is a centrally managed, client-sided signatures for Office 365, G Suite, OWA, and Outlook.

  10. AirSign is an online tool to create modern and effective email signatures.

  11. ACTIVESIGNATURE email signature management allows organizations to centralize the employees’ email signatures.

  12. Black Pearl Mail offers email signature management solution for businesses.