1. Tower Duel is a Multiplayer Tower Defense Game for iOS and Android.

  2. Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile games on the market, and it comes from SuperCell, the same producer of other classics like Clash of Clans. Read more about Clash Royale.

  3. Fieldrunners is a game developed by Subatomic Studios, for Steam/PC, iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad...

  4. A Simple and effective scholarship matching platform

  5. Trade management software enables goods to flow unimpeded across international borders in the most efficient, compliant, and profitable way.

  6. Find the right tech job for you

  7. The best way to start an internet business

  8. Minimalistic job board for Product Managers

  9. Candidate sourcing with posting to job boards & social media

  10. Adobe Experience Manager is a cross-platform CMS that works across websites, mobile apps and on-site displays.

  11. GIFTS is the leading software solution for grants management and charitable giving organizations.

  12. Duelyst is a Turn-based Strategy, CCG (Collectible Card Game) Combat, Single, and Online Multiplayer video game created and published by Counterplay Games Inc.