1. Making it easier to give employees equity

  2. Automate the employee onboarding process

  3. Gitlab has open sourced their employee handbook

  4. The new way to manage your onboardings

  5. Trainual is the easiest way to build a how-to guide for your business. Document and delegate every process for every role.

  6. Employee onboarding made simple

  7. Create amazing on-boarding experiences for new hires

  8. Jumpstart your Slack onboarding with this bot ๐Ÿค–

  9. Use your best people to scale your company's culture easily

  10. Employee Handbooks Done Right. Start from a template and send a beautiful employee handbook that they actually want to read. Publish digitally or as a PDF.

  11. Bold is an internal blog for the team's knowledge and ideas.

  12. Software for creating, organizing and publishing project documentation

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