New Windows BitLocker Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. Digital Safe and Password management to protect your data and privacy

  2. Lock and encrypt your photos, movies, files and folders using 256-bit file encryption.

  3. Mount ISO, BIN, CUE, NRG files to a virtual CD-ROM drive. •, Mount VHD files, used with Microsoft Virtual PC. •, Mount password protected images to a virtual hard drive. •, Encrypt HD images using a passphrase.

  4. OpenSource Quantum Computer Resistent File Encryption

  5. Encrypts and protects your files on your machine, before they hit your disk and the cloud:...

  6. Conceal provides a set of easy to use APIs for performing fast encryption and authentication of data.

  7. Symantec Drive Encryption, powered by PGP Technology, is a transparent drive encryption for...

  8. Kakasoft Lockdir is an excellent folder security solution for password protecting folders.

  9. Keep personal photos hidden from others with password protection.

  10. CryFS encrypts your files, so you can safely store them anywhere.

  11. Password-encryption of files and directories. File PEA encrypts files and folders with authenticated encryption to protect confidentiality and integrity. The program uses memory-hard key derivation functions to prevent custom hardware attacks.


  12. CryptoForge is handy-to-use file encryption program for individual and organization to get a reliable safety.