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  • You know screw you *phase ones your cracker island*
    Allllrighty, so first off, I'm gonna assume you have Unity. You'll need to make a VRChat account (here) and download thier API, and install it into your Unity stuff (This). - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • Your next website might be a virtual world.
    Brands are building up virtual worlds on both web-based and localized platforms. Some of my favorite platforms include Mona, Spatial, Muse, RecRoom, VRchat, Roblox, and Somnium Space. These virtual worlds provide a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with customers, create immersive experiences, and build brand awareness in new and exciting ways. Overall, virtual worlds are the future of online... - Source: Reddit / 16 days ago
  • What are your best ideas, favorite hobbies, etc. to combat the Covid/Winter blahs?
    But for those who only like experience/activities for the human connections then you might have to open up to possibilities of connecting with people in other ways. For movie fans, many video services have watch party functionality and there is services that add face cams if that is your thing. For hanging out and meeting people VRChat and MMOs are more accessible than ever. Virtual cooking classes are a thing.... - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • vrchat website not loading past login page(HELP)
    When I go to it redirects me to - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Can someone upload my avatar?
    Try logging in on to make sure you're account exists. Then try to log in ingame like I said again. If you're loged in to your vrc account ingame, it should be like u/SpacyRainbow said. - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • Known user
    You simply sign in on - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • The metaverse is as dead as Zuckerberg’s cartoon eyes
    There's also VRChat and Second Life. Second Life's default avatars from 2015 are much better than Faceborg's today, and they can be customized, a lot. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Mickey Mouse: Clubhouse, Looking for a Representation of the Clubhouse
    Hello there, I'm trying to recreate the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in 3D to be used in a VRChat World,. - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • So you want to run a virtual event
    One specific sub-flavor of this sort of chat tool you might encounter are VR spaces like AltSpace, VRChat, or Mozilla Hubs that are primarily focused on VR but also usually support flat displays or smartphones. - Source: / 12 months ago
  • When was the last time a stranger tried to start a appropriate and friendly conversation with you in San Diego?
    There has been more meaningful conversations in than anywhere in San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles for that matter. Otherwise move to Texas, people there for the most part seem to be more real than what is in San Diego. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • what?
    If it's still bugging you, you can always change your password from the website. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • A further expiration of sex work in Adult MMOs
    I investigated several games - three of which stood out. Utherverse/Red Light Center, Chathouse 3D, and SecondLife appear to be the leaders in the field. 3DX Chat and Yareel do not allow for sex work. I also could not find solid information on LivCloser, VRChat, and AChat. (If anyone has any information regarding these three, I would greatly appreciate it if you could pass it on to me.). - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • The Metaverse Vitalizing the Creators Market
    The event took place on various worlds hosted on the VRChat platform - 2 "Company worlds" and 22 "General worlds". You can think of "worlds" as different areas of a building in a real life conference, except that those areas have such a distinct atmosphere, you really do feel that you are in another world. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Help
    VRChat has a website that you can create an account on. from there, you can connect your VR account to the website. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • I released my first VRChat avatar; A Hyena! Give it a look?
    I'm usually much more of a lurker than I am a commenter or content creator. Recently I decided to delve into the complex and wild world of 3D art, specifically with avatar creation for the social game (platform?) VRChat! - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • How The Metaverse Will Make Us More Human
    Not long after these books were published and the Internet was becoming widespread, there were all sorts of projects to create a 3D representation of the Internet where users can interact with each other directly as if they embodied an Avatar in some virtual space. One of the earliest ones is, released in 1995, a somewhat trippy experience comprised of many worlds, users with a variety of avatars, and... - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Wholesome VR game recommendations that a furry would appreciate?
    Aside from the famous VRChat, the only furry VR game I can think of at the moment is Moss. If I were to sum up what Moss is like, I'd describe it as:. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Virtual Market 6 - Like Comiket, but for Virtual!
    So Virtual Market 6 is essentially a farmer's market for virtual goods. If you're familiar with Japan's Comiket, you're 95% of the way to understanding. It takes place in VRChat, which is not only free on Steam, but also has a desktop mode which doesn't require any VR hardware whatsoever! - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Username broke
    -Log in through a computer on -Change your username there. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Virtual Reality Is Where the Internet Was 20 Years Ago
    VR games that can be played with others are also becoming more and more common with social multiplayer games like VR Chat as well as tactical shooter games like VAIL. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • just looking for to friend and hang out so i can acheive new user
    You can become a new user very fast if you aren't using a VRChat account to log in. If you link a steam or oculus account to a VRChat account you will become a new user and you keep all your favorite avatars. here's a link to the website - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago

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The Best Social Apps in VR
VRChat is a social and world-building application compatible with all major VR headsets. You can customize your avatar and explore hundreds of VR worlds designed by the app’s community members. Inside these spaces, you can meet people, chat, draw, collaborate, and attend events.
Best Virtual Worlds for Adults – Top 5 Options for 18+ People
The VRChat avatar customization on this one is probably the best that exists in the virtual world, and most online players are opting for it because it has the instant messaging feature that makes the whole connecting process a lot easier.
Top Ten Virtual Worlds for Adults
VRChat is a game full of virtual worlds where people can upload avatars, create new objects, and explore with their friends. While there are non-adults that play this game as well, they can be muted or ignored completely as you go through the world and meet like-minded people to hang out with.

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