1. Smart Accounting for Growing Business

  2. Copy. Paste.Customer support. Embedded support software for your website

  3. Planio makes web based project management and team collaboration more efficient and fun. It is the perfect platform for your projects, team members and clients.

  4. Ellie is an Smart Business Assistant Powered by AI, where businesses can use for customer engagement, Customer support/Help desk agent, lead generation and cost reduction.

  5. Mapping solution for visualizing, analyzing, & sharing data

  6. Tenfold is a mobile game that is designed primarily to be played by iPhone users. The game is available on the app store. The tagline of the game is "twenty seven numbers, endless puzzles. Read more about Tenfold.

  7. Teckst is a cloud-based SMS marketing tool and two-way texting solution designed for contact centers and customer service companies.

  8. With PlayVox you can run your QA, Coaching, Training and Motivation programs in one place in order to improve CSAT and other relevant KPIs.

  9. Create tutorials and walkthroughs to onboard, engage and train your users.

  10. An online community platform for your employees to gain knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other.

  11. Google-based digital signage CMS for enterprise deployment

  12. Onehub helps businesses securely share and control files in the cloud.