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Value on board

Valueonboard helps you find your value proposition going through the whole problem-solution fit phase

According to a CBInsights study, most startups fail or go bankrupt in the first year because their product is not needed on its market. Value on Board aims to help these startups and those who are before pivoting to head in the right direction where their product can offer a real solution to their customers based on valid data collected from their target audience. https://www.cbinsights.com/research/startup-failure-reasons-top/

Value on Board is a cloud-based solution that guides startups through the problem solution fit phase. It helps them get to know their market, find their niche and their unique value proposition. The philosophy behind our solution is to spare users from knowing all the frameworks by heart. Instead, we just guide them with questions and a chat based survey so they can build their customer profiles and value maps without being bizdev experts.

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