1. Insanely simple testing. Create tests for your website in plain English, then run them across all major browsers with a single click. Powered by human intelligence

  2. Applause is the leader in crowdtesting. Our community of 300,000 digital experience experts helps software teams improve software quality and speed up releases.

  3. For developers & testers alik

  4. TestingCatalog is a community of beta testers and developers exploring android apps and exchanging feedback.

  5. Betabound is a website devoted to listing all the available beta testing opportunities out there on...

  6. The Beta Family is a crowdsourcing platform for beta testing iOS and Android applications.

  7. QA testing on every OS/device/browser combination with a crowd of professional testers.

  8. Usabitest is a Crowdsourced Testing company.

  9. A crowdsourced testing platform.

  10. Synack is a crowdsourced penetration testing, vulnerability orchestration, analytics and risk reporting platform.

  11. Crowdtesters provide crowdsourced testing services.

  12. Testbats enables organizations to delegate software testing tasks to a community of software testers.