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  • How to Monitor a Livestream Broadcast?
    The part I am missing is a way to know when the stream goes down. I've tried monitoring, using Powershell to query the broadcast URL, but since the stream doesn't actually END, those all continue to see it as up even when its just spinning circles and not showing any actual video. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • service status plugin
    For a few bucks a month, we use and we put our page into an iframe for our server status like this - So not a plugin per say, but, it does what you are after. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Two months in: How the SaaS that was built in 7 days is going
    I always think it's entertaining that the 200th uptime website that charges their users doesn't compare themselves to the actual competitor, it's not pingdom, it's updown, hundred of websites checked for the price of a buck a month: - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Build a CDN in about 5 hours
    That's server failure, and it's easy to spot. Internet burps are harder to detect. You'll need to run external health checks, from multiple locations. It's easy to get basic, multi-perspective monitoring – we use Datadog and, and we're building out our own half-built home grown service. You're not asking for much more than what cURL will tell you. Again: the thing you're super wary about in a CDN is a... - Source: / almost 2 years ago
  • Looking for a selfhosted Status Page
    If you just need uptime and not status pages in which you can post comments I've been using for years and like it a lot. I setup Prometheous and Grafana a year or so back for self hosted website uptime and it was a dud for me. If I lose my home internet then I end up getting 57 outage messages at once. Then of course 57 more when the connection comes back. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Service Breakdown in my Kubernetes Cluster: Steps, Solution, Learning
    For the most part, I have monitored my applications with When I ran out of the free plan credits, I switched to Upptime - basically out of curiosity to learn how Github tasks can be used to monitor your application. I was impressed how simple a public dashboard is created, and how you collect uptime metrics absolutely automatic without much configuration. - Source: / almost 2 years ago

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#10 Best Website Monitoring Tools [2022]
Updown is the last software on our list of best website monitoring tools but that doesn’t mean this tool is in any way lesser than any other monitoring tools described in this article. This tool is specialized in website monitoring and periodic URL availability checking. If any issue is found then Updown uses various communication mediums to alert users about outages or downtime.
Top 13 Best Pingdom Alternatives 2019 to Monitor Websites offers services but in a different style. Instead of purchasing a plan you just need to buy the credits. At first sign up you will get 100,000 credit for free. The good thing is they also let you know how long these credits lasts with the current number of monitors and check frequency. And they are of course offer unbeatable prices. Use credit card, Paypal or Bitcoins to purchase the credits.

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