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TruCadence is a personalized sales cadence software to manage sales engagement strategies. Reach your best leads at scale with emails and calls.

TruCadence is a sales engagement platform and with TruCadence, sales professionals can connect directly with prospects by creating multi-touch cadences that might include phone, email, and social touchpoints.

In addition, a sales team can develop unique cadences for different products, verticals, or even stages within a sales funnel.

The product doesn't impose any limits on the number or kinds of touchpoints either. This allows for unlimited customization and plenty of testing of different tactics.

Salespeople can personalize messages before having the software automatically send communication via email or social networks. This gives sales teams a chance to enjoy the efficiency of automation without sacrificing the benefits of greater personalization.

Templates for follow-up emails keep salespeople from having to compose a new message each time. Managers can even devise templates that make sure communication always adheres to departmental standards. Your salespeople will benefit by saving time, adding personalization, and complying with the rules.

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