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Troop Messenger is the brand new means of escalating office chat and instant messaging for business. It is integrated with multiple features and functionalities to take user experience to the next level. There is no limit for searches and team chat.

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  1. rosy33 avatar
    All-in-one tool

    I would conclude my experience with Troop Messenger as great. This tool has some key features that boost team communication and work productivity. The biggest advantage of this tool you will be in a position to communicate with your colleagues from other units or branches.

    🏁 Competitors: Slack, Chanty, Microsoft Teams
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Professional customer support team|Features rich tool|Bulk messaging
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    To my knowledge, troop messenger has no cons
  2. User avatar
    Amazing team chat app

    We have a very good experience with Troop Messenger, in fact, we never faced any issues with it. All our teams can collaborate virtually without any communication gaps. Moreover, it has all the features so we don’t have to invest money in other tools like Zoom, TeamViewer, etc.

    🏁 Competitors: Slack, Microsoft Teams
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Complete team collaboration tool|The on-premise delivery model is available|Free from issues
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Nothing that i can recall specifically.
  3. User avatar
    Best app we ever worked with

    Troop Messenger is the best office chat app we ever worked with. Considering our experience with our previous chat apps I would say the experience was pleasant, but it wasn’t great. And Troop Messenger is a kind of tool which intrigues the team to work better with its intuitive UI.

    🏁 Competitors: Slack, Microsoft Teams
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Ease to use|Impressive ui|Secured tool
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    I don't have any cons to mention
  4. User avatar
    Great communication tool

    Troop Messenger surpassed my expectations. My teams are in a position to handle our clients and customers proficiently. Initially, I thought this tool may work for software companies but after opting for the free trial I realized any domain can use it.

    🏁 Competitors: Rocket.Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Features rich tool|Complete team collaboration tool|Great customer support
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    I didn’t experience any kind of flaws in it
  5. User avatar
    Great team chat app!

    Troop Messenger features are multiple, it's a complete tool that can match any domain’s requirements easily, so I recommend Troop Messenger to everyone.

  6. User avatar
    Excellent team chat app!

    Troop Messenger has a user-friendly UI that makes any user irrespective of their knowledge operate it seamlessly. Though it has many features compared to other office chat apps I never found it complicated, so as my team. I am delighted with its functionalities.

  7. User avatar
    Best office chat app

    Troop Messenger is a multi-tasking tool with great features because other than texting, audio/video calling, I can create video conferences and schedule them inviting the attendees, moreover, I can share the screen, etc., there are many such unique options.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Features|Multi-tasking tool|Well-integrated
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    I didn’t see any cons in troop messenger
  8. asloobalam avatar
    🏁 Competitors: Chanty, Brosix, Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams

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Troop Messenger offers a wide range of functions like one-to-one messaging, group conversations, file previews, voice video calls, screen sharing, Burnout, etc. There are so many cool emojis that make communication a lot of fun. Our team is using Troop Messenger for a year now, and I found that we chose a good, easy-to-use app for our team’s daily interactions for all our project updates.
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Troop Messenger is the best Team Viewer alternative that allows the users to connect with the remote teams with lightning speed.
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Troop Messenger has a quite economical pricing structure when compared to its competitors. The one who registers the application is given a one-month enterprise free trial. Besides this, the premium pricing plan is charged at $1 per user/per month and Enterprise at $5 per user/per month. It offers a special plan for self-hosting at $5+per user/ per month.
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Troop Messenger is a renowned business messenger application develop to empower communication and collaboration between the team members. As a Slack biggest competitor, it provides organizations and businesses with features like instant messaging, video call, file sharing in an exclusive and secure environment. Much like Slack, the tool connects the users within their organization irrespective of their time zone,...
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Attain optimum communication at your workplace with the new instant messaging collaboration application-The Troop Messenger. The design idea of Troop Messenger is to collaborate, share, and communicate new thoughts among fellow employees of every organization. Small, medium, large or any size of organizations can give a sure try of Troop Messenger for their endless office chat communication and collaboration.

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