What's the alternative?

SaaS Tribune

✨ Get 1,000 visits to your website!

Do you think your product will benefit from 1,000 potential users checking it out?

👌 OK, How it works?

Every Sunday one product will be featured as "product of the week". Then it will be promoted on the homepage of SaaSHub until it gets 1,000 visits regardless of how long that takes. And that will be for FREE.

❓ What kind of products

Only software products that have monthly subscriptions can participate in SaaS Tribune. All other application will be rejected.

👉 This is the process

SaaS Product ➡ Submit ➡ Verify ➡ Apply ➡ Vote on Nominations ➡ Nominated ➡ Featured ➡ 1,000 ✨

🗒 Apply

Once you have submitted and verified your product, go to its management page, and you will find a 'SaaS Tribune' section.

👍 Vote on Nominations

You will be shown 2 products. Every time you vote for the one with more nominations your product will get one nomination point, too. Then, periodically, the product with most nomination points gets nominated, and people can vote for it.

✨ Featured

Every Sunday at midnight (UTC), the product with most nominations gets featured.