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    Stop Losing Your Best Customers. Loyal, big spending customers are far and away the most valuable to your E-Commerce store. Losing them will cost you big time. Reputate will help you keep them around for good.

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    Hub Planner

    Hub Planner gives you resource scheduling, time tracking, timesheets, project planning and reports all under the one service. The worlds best planning tool

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    Automate your business process for Sales Teams, Field Audits, Mass Surveys, Customer Verification, Customer On-boarding, Field Inspections and Product Servicing & Repairs

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    NotaDist - Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play,Deezer,Amazon and More

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    Courselle is a cloud learning management system with a course editor that helps you quickly build interactive e-learning with multimedia lessons, tests, peer assessments, surveys, and other amazing learning activities.

  6. Ably Realtime

    Simply better realtime.

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    Colibro Invoices

    Online invoicing with Colibro is simple and gets you paid faster. Schedule recurring invoices, track activity, and accept payments.

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    Deskree is an online collaboration platform for business teams where they can delegate tasks, share and vote on ideas, solve emerging issues, chat and keep files in one place.

  9. HireHive

    HireHive is user-friendly recruitment software that manages all your recruitment needs in one place.

  10. Everhour

    Everhour is one of the best time tracking tools for teams. See who’s tracking time, who’s overworked and who can handle more. Keep track of all your project budgets, schedule threshold alerts, use forward resource planning.

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    Support all customers from Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, Line, Kik, etc. from a single interface, use Artificial Intelligence to scale support, not staff.

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    Tens of thousands of agencies, startups and enterprise companies with mobile apps - including Runkeeper, Grindr, Duolingo and more - use Bitrise to automate their way to increased productivity & speed

🕑 Latest nominations

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    Set a Time

    Appointment scheduling software for businesses to accept appointments online from customers and clients.

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    Omnisend - Email Marketing & Automation for Ecommerce provides the omnichannel approach for sales-driven marketers that have outgrown the generic email marketing platforms.

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    Power your online business in India with PayKun payment gateway, start accepting payments via all debit/credit cards, net bankings, upi, payment links, invoices

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    IO Technologies

    Content Analytics, Editorial Dashboard, Real-Time Analytics, Real-time dashboard, Analytics for Media, Web Analytics, Media Dashboard

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    Connect your ERP to multiple sales channels, vendors, and partners quickly and easily. Consolidate EDI and focus on what matters.

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    Shrink.ly is the best way to track and optimize your links with catchy call-to-actions, Script, Video, retargeting pixels, branded links, and powerful analytics.

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    Made for the business of mobile app development, Kumulos helps you manage the commercial and technical performance of Apps, so you drive a better outcome for your clients.

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    Calculate any type of structure (Beams,Truss,Frame..) and get all the results you need for free with no limitation

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    Helping creative marketing teams go from chaos to compliance with smart, simple enterprise online proofing.

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    Shipping and Inventory Management Software is easy way to save time.

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    My Brand New Logo

    Create your own professionally designed logo in 30 seconds. For freelancers, start-ups and other companies.

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    TreoPIM is a free, 100% open source and configurable PIM solution. It's easy to keep catalogs up to date, add new products or change existing ones, deliver your current product information across all channels.