1. Get deeper analytics of any YouTube channel or video

  2. BlackArrow provides multiscreen and cross-platform advertising solutions for pay TV companies.

  3. MintM is Digital Signage Solutions based data platform help mortar businesses with real time measurement enabling automation and frictionless experiences.

  4. Sell smarter with email tracking and more

  5. At Mixmax, our mission is to change how the world communicates. Weโ€™re an email productivity platform that helps sales, customer success, and recruiting teams do their jobs better.

  6. Iris is Blue Light Filter and Screen Dimmer for Eye Protection which makes Monitors healthy for the eyes.

  7. Find out what happens to your emails after you press send! Add email tracking, attachment tracking, email scheduling and templates to your daily emails.

  8. Email tracking free and unlimited. Add the double check marks to your Gmail.

  9. BombBomb allows companies to easily record and send video email from Gmail, mobile, or web.

  10. FollowUp for email is a lightweight productivity suite that keeps your conversations and tasks from slipping through the cracks. Set perfectly timed reminders that arrive at the top of your inbox, right when you need them.

  11. Share your experience and hold businesses accountable ๐Ÿ‘Š

  12. Mailbutler adds lacking functionality to email clients and increases your productivity