1. Octobat provides automated tax-compliance and accounting for digital businesses.

  2. Stop doing your taxes, leave it to the professionals.

  3. TaxCloud makes it easy for wholesalers and retailers to comply with sales tax laws.

  4. Canopy is a cloud-based software to make resolving IRS collections easier on tax professionals and their clients.

  5. TaxJar simplifies sales tax filing for eCommerce sellers.

  6. Affordable one step integration software to simplify sales tax for e-commerce businesses

  7. Aria helps enterprises grow their recurring revenue businesses with an agile billing system that maximizes customer satisfaction, retention.

  8. Avalara TaxRates API is an easy way for developers to use sales tax rates in their project.

  9. ADP RUN is a payroll administration and tax processing software solution.

  10. Gusto. Payroll, benefits and compliance in one integrated product. We're here to change how the world works, and put people first.

  11. JustWorks is a software for business owners to take control for and manage effectively their payroll and human resources policies including compliance, payroll, and benefits. Read more about Justworks.

  12. Payroll management system for small & medium businesses