1. Turn Google Spreadsheet into API

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    Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free. Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet. Changes to your spreadsheet update your API in realtime. Neat

  3. SpreadsheetWEB helps to translate Excel into secure, responsive, and database-driven applications directly from spreadsheets.

  4. Sheetlabs allows users to create production-ready APIs from the spreadsheets.

  5. Boardwalk Application Engine enables users to scale, secure, and integrate existing spreadsheet-based processes or create new applications.

  6. Instantly turn any Google Sheet into RESTful API

  7. Convert your website to an iOS and Android app

  8. Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.

  9. Create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet

  10. Excel in the cloud

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    Free, fast and fun way to build modern websites and apps 🛠️

  12. Connect Google Spreadsheets and visualizing the data