1. DOD

    Fresh chocolate chip cookies delivered in 20 minutes or less

  2. s

    Airbnb flight packages for long distance lovers, friends an…

  3. Browser extension that automagically searches for coupons

  4. LIN

    Medium-style highlighter for Safari

  5. Facebook with stories only by friends and pages you follow

  6. Colorful filters uses css blend modes inspired by Spotify

  7. Web-based shell for browsing reddit (pretend you're working)

  8. SC

    CRM inside Gmail, now with contacts

  9. Replace your Facebook feed with PH, HN, DN and more.

  10. GL

    Fast, simple, safe browsing

  11. Block ads, trackers and miners on iOS and macOS

  12. ADS

    Search great domain names for your website in seconds.