1. Greet visitors, accept packages, and GET MORE DONE!

  2. Shedul is a free, simple, flexible and powerful booking software for spas and salons.

  3. Insight Salon & Spa Software helps businesses in the beauty industry to improve efficiency and increase profit.

  4. Secure medical spa software solution

  5. Premium online and mobile booking software for spa works with SpaSoft and other major scheduling and spa management systems, PCI and SpaSoft certified

  6. Cloud-based salon & spa management

  7. Visitor Registration, Management & Feedback System

  8. SwipedOn is a smart but simple visitor management solution. Our paperless gateway makes connecting people intuitive and easy.

  9. Simple Salon streamlines the Salon Software and saves money and time.

  10. Visitor registration that's changing how guests are greeted in companies around the world.

  11. WhosOnLocation is a visitor management system that makes it easy for reception teams and/or non-manned reception areas to know their visitor.

  12. iLobby is a tablet-based visitor registration and management platform.