1. Create a custom press kit for your startup and start gaining press coverage. Add all your brand assets to create a media kit for journalists, reporters and publishers. Make it easier for journalists to write about your company.

  2. HP

    Hey Press is a searchable media database. Find the most relevant journalist.

  3. PH

    Press Hunt saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on almost 400,000 journalists and reporters in one place, complete with their writing interests and contact info.

  4. J

    A curated searchable database of 11,000+ startup journalists

  5. Pressfarm helps entrepreneurs find journalists to write about their startups.

  6. S

    Press kit platform

  7. CPR

    How to run a successful PR campaign for your crowdfunding pā€¦

  8. HAI

    Get more press with AI-powered media outreach šŸš€

  9. EO

    Database of over 3k email newsletters to advertise with

  10. GTP

    Press coverage for tech startups

  11. PRB

    Get your startup in the news with PR campaigns powered by AI

  12. On demand PR campaigns for free