1. Apache Archiva is an extensible repository management software.

  2. Code Prettify is an embeddable script that makes source-code snippets in HTML prettier.

  3. Apache Tika toolkit detects and extracts metadata and text from different file types.

  4. Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server.

  5. Delphix turns database infrastructure into software, while preserving full functionality and performance.

  6. Blue Dragon is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Turn-based and Single-player video game created by Artoon and published by Microsoft Games Studios.

  7. Build a custom video experience using our robust APIs, or add plug-and-play video to your website in minutes using Video Chat Embeds. Start Building for FreeTalk to SalesTalk to Sales .

  8. EdiFabric is an EDI translator software library for .NET

  9. Quickly diagnose problems with your Linux servers

  10. Deploy, manage and scale any web app

  11. Context.IO is a REST email API that makes it easy and fast to integrate your user's email data in your application

  12. Platform to configure, deploy and scale the apps in cloud or own servers.