1. Cloud-based applications to help medical laboratories with compliance, CE, document control, and inspection readiness.

  2. Benchling platform consists of an integrated lab notebook, LIMS, and molecular biology tools that streamline R&D from start to finish.

  3. Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis (IPA®) is a powerful analysis and search tool that uncovers the significance of 'omics data and identifies new targets or candidate biomarkers within the context of biological systems.

  4. Tree drawing software for Apple Macintosh and Windows.

  5. Archaeopteryx is a software tool for the visualization, analysis, and editing of potentially large...

  6. SnapGene offers the fastest and easiest way to plan, visualize, and document DNA cloning and PCR. You can easily annotate features and design primers.

  7. Two software applications are available from Technelysium: Chromas and ChromasPro.

  8. Free sequence analysis software, contig assembly and trace file editor, built-in sequence alignment with ClustalW. fastDNAml, PHYLIP and tree-puzzle interface. Phylogenetic tree drawing software.

  9. Scientific software for the molecular biologist.

  10. What's your favorite molecule?

  11. GENtle is a software for DNA and amino acid editing, database management, plasmid maps, restriction...

  12. DNAssist: the integrated editing and analysis of molecular biology sequences in Windows.