1. Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform that integrates online and offline data to deliver a unified view of all your audiences

  2. AudienceScience is an enterprise digital marketing technology solution.

  3. Sojern is a data-driven traveler engagement platform that delivers marketing, distribution, monetization and insight solutions at scale.

  4. The Trade Desk is an online demand-side platform that provides buying tools for digital media buyers.

  5. Dstillery is an advertising technology provider enabling marketers to target prospects through scientific methods.

  6. Datalogix uses digital media and offline purchasing data to provide analytics and meaningful insights to marketers

  7. Quantcast Advertise is an advertising product suite powered by Quantcast's data set of unique real-time customer browsing behaviors.

  8. eXelate is a provider of data technology powering the digital marketing ecosystem.

  9. INgageHub is a SaaS platform delivering sales and marketing data to support organizations in improving ROI.

  10. A data management platform that gives advertisers and their agencies one dashboard to visualize and understand digital audiences.

  11. Magi Metrics offers Instagram data, with audience demographic reports.

  12. DataSift is a social data platform that enables companies to aggregate, filter and extract insights from public social conversations.