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    With regards to sound records, there are numerous applications that you could use keeping in mind the end goal to work with them.

  2. PDF Buddy is a web based source for editing the PDF files.

  3. PayPanther is a leading business management software solution that aids companies and businesses in the industries such as public relations, marketing, non-profit, construction and home service in order to manage their invoicing, billing and project…

  4. SSuite Office is called to be one of the most accomplished office suites for both beginners and professionals.

  5. DocScan is a PDF document scanner application for the iPhone smartphones that lets the users to scan their documents and get them in the PDF files.

  6. E-SignLive that is also called as e-SignLive by Silanis that will make you able to enjoy the e-signature and electronic signature from any part of the word.

  7. Find and test email addresses while you are reading news and browse LinkedIn.

  8. Nebu Dub InterViewer is a flexible data collection platform, allows conducting face-to-face, telephonic and internet research using a single hub.

  9. Praisenter is a free church presentation programming bundle delivering fantastic Bible verse, tune, and custom slides with the picture, video, sound, translucency and move support.

  10. NiceLabel is a label design and label management systems that help companies of all sizes to enhance the quality, efficiency and speed of their labelling while reducing cost.

  11. Haihaisoft PDF Reader is the name of a free to use PDF reader and printer that is extremely simple to launch.

  12. Visual Planning is a leading employee management software that makes scheduling and resource management a simple and easy.