1. Adcolony is the quality mobile advertising and marketing platform.

  2. NativeX, A One-Stop Mobile Solution

  3. Vungle helps mobile application developers promote and monetize their apps through in-app video trailers.

  4. An encrypted Snapchat Stories clone

  5. Smaato is a mobile-first platform and free ad server for publishers & app developers.

  6. A Chrome extension that gives your Whatsapp extra powers ⚡

  7. Clickky is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers, with the current focus on its own SSP and the RTB Marketplace.

  8. AerServ offers monetization solution for mobile publishers.

  9. Pokkt is a mobile video advertising platform.

  10. Sekindo provides advanced technological solutions for both affiliate and ad networks markets.

  11. Simplaex is the AI-First App Retargeting technology for mobile advertisers and app developers.

  12. MobFox is a mobile advertising platform.