1. Hive9 is the marketing performance management solution.

  2. AI-powered social media analytics for businesses

  3. AttributeApp is a native Salesforce.com app delivering out of the box, customizable Pardot multi-touch attribution reporting for marketers.

  4. NT Programmatic Platform is a marketing tool that develops tools and algorithms to help companies implement their marketing activity & build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

  5. Manage direct publisher and affiliate relationships with our white-labeled attribution technology

  6. Vena is the corporate performance management software combines native Microsoft Excel with the sophisticated workflow, audit capabilities, business rules and central database of an enterprise-class solution.

  7. Allocadia is a budgeting, planning & marketing performance management software that helps marketers be revenue-driven.

  8. Marilyn provides advertising automatization for some of the largest advertisers and advertising agencies in Europe.

  9. Affise offers performance marketing solution to manage and analyze affiliates, advertisers, creatives, conversions, offers, and payments.

  10. Offerslook is the performance marketing software to create and manage a smart affiliate network affordably.

  11. vNative is a Performance Marketing Software/Affiliate Marketing Software used by Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers to manage publishers relation.