1. Keras is a minimalist, modular neural networks library, written in Python and capable of running on top of either TensorFlow or Theano.

  2. Open source deep learning platform that provides a seamless path from research prototyping to...

  3. A New Lightweight, Modular, and Scalable Deep Learning Framework

  4. Aerosolve provides sophisticated machine learning features, such as geo-based features, controllable quantization and more.

  5. Framework that supports unified interface for data parallelization, hybrid data structure for big model storage, model scheduling etc.

  6. Platform for measuring and training AI agents

  7. Worlds best image recognition, object detection and OCR APIs. NanoNets’ platform makes it straightforward and fast to create highly accurate Deep Learning models.

    freemium $0.0 / Monthly (Developer plan, 1000 api calls per month)

  8. Train custom ML models with minimum effort and expertise

  9. TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework designed and published by Google. It tracks data flow graphs over time. Nodes in the data flow graphs represent machine learning algorithms. Read more about TensorFlow.

  10. Add Amazon's advanced image analysis to your applications.

  11. scikit-learn (formerly scikits.learn) is an open source machine learning library for the Python programming language.

  12. Apache PredictionIO™ Open Source Machine Learning Server.