1. Salesforce1 Mobile App allows users to close deals, service customers and deliver 1:1 marketing campaigns from anywhere.

  2. Accompany platform integrates with email, contacts, social feeds and more to keep you informed on your professional connections.

  3. Predictive sales CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises

  4. CRMs are only as accurate as the data they contain. Promises of success and ease of use are left incomplete due to inaccurate data and the time required to manually input records.

  5. Damnlist is a customer database management system.

  6. Accurately, quickly, and automatically cleanse your contact data – wherever it sits.

  7. Clevertim is a web based CRM and contact manager for small businesses.

  8. RadiumCRM is a CRM built for Gmail offering predictive intelligence, pipeline automation, and automated data entry.