1. Webassets is a dependency-independent library for managing assets on your applications and is also used to merge CSS and JavaScript files. It supports a wide variety of filters and compiles for different systems... read more.

  2. Snow Software are suppliers of Software Asset Management products and helpĀ optimizing licensing & minimizing compliance risk.

  3. ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your network.

  4. k2-keyserver is a software asset management and IT asset management with support for concurrent licensing and metrics.

  5. StacksWare is the premier agentless software asset management provider.

  6. IT asset management software and fixed asset management solutions with integration and discovery toolsets. Rapidly deployed and adaptive to all customer needs. Highly scalable and designed for use in high security environments.

  7. CA IT Asset Manager is an IT asset management software to help organizations to manage and optimize IT hardware and software assets.

  8. EquipNet's technology solutions ensures compliance and data security to leading corporations.

  9. ServiceNow automates and manages global enterprise service relationships. Create a single system of record for enterprise services, automate manual tasks, consolidate legacy ITIL systems.

  10. SoftwareONE is a software asset management and cloud optimization solutions.

  11. Cireson Asset Management directly integrates with Microsoft Configuration Manager, Service Manager, and other sources to manage every asset lifecycle from purchase to retirement.