1. SQLite Home Page

  2. MPB

    BI visualization and reporting for desktop, web or mobile

  3. Redis is an open source in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability.

  4. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure... all in one place. Track your entire business in real-time.

  5. The IoT GURU

  6. Dasheroo provides overall business analytics, web analytics, marketing, social media and sales through a data dashboard.

  7. Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.

  8. Restful data platform for the Internet of Things. IoThook Features

  9. Ridiculously simple data sharing for the Internet of Things.

  10. Chartio is a powerful business intelligence tool that anyone can use.

  11. Beebotte is a cloud platform providing key building blocks to accelerate the development of the...

  12. Simple genius. Available for all.