1. Losant makes building connected experiences and solutions easy.

  2. GroveStreams LLC is a company that was started in 2011 by Mike Mills who was a Big-Data Architect with a huge experience in the field of business intelligence, Big Data platform tools, and metering... read more.

  3. Covisint provides a developer-friendly, enterprise-class cloud platform to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of IoT.

  4. B-Scada's IoT Platform allows users to easily create complex IoT (Internet of Things) applications for virtually any data source.

  5. ThingWorx is a complete development platform for Internet of Things.

  6. Waylay is an orchestration engine for the enterprise Internet of Things. Waylay enables automation by connecting devices with enterprise IT systems and cloud services.

  7. Xively offers an Internet of Things product relationship management solution for enterprises.

  8. "empowering the smart home" - vendor and technology agnostic open source home automation

  9. thethings.iO makes a real-time IoT cloud solution that supports REST, MQTT, CoAP and Websockets.

  10. Scalable cloud backend platform for enterprise applications, consumer apps, mobile games and the...